Our Story

The team at Brightstar Energy is led by director Nathan Stone and comprises technicians, data analysts, installers and top quality industry partners.

Brightstar Energy was established in 2010 and is located in Perth, Western Australia.

Nathan Stone, Director

Nathan derives great satisfaction through empowering others and implementing energy solutions that improve the financial security of homeowners and businesses whilst having a positive environmental side affect.

Nathan is Clean Energy Accredited (since 2000) for:

  • Grid-connect Design/Install (supervise)
  • Stand-alone Power System (SPS PV) Design and Install
  • Endorsement: Hybrid Energy Systems

Since 1997 Nathan has continually honed his knowledge and skills in the renewable energy sector through technical studies and working in different facets of the industry. Starting out as Sales and Design Consultant at Solar Sales Pty Ltd (now Sunpower Corporation Australia) to the wholesale sector (Choice Electric Co) and later working predominantly in the design and installation of stand-alone solar power systems.

In recent years, Nathan has been fortunate; a rare individual who has been able to work in an industry he believes in and which affords him the ability to make a positive impact, namely:

  • Giving genuine and appropriate advice directly to those investing in solar energy and storage systems.
  • Working with customers to help them fully understand their energy systems and to extract the maximum economic and environmental return from their systems.
  • Collaborating closely with quality Australian and overseas manufacturers to ensure Brightstar Energy offers the best value without compromising system reliability.

‘One of the most interesting projects was in 2004 as a system designer with the Bushlight Technical Services Team based at Murdoch University. We were tasked with designing hardware and communication systems to improve the longevity of solar energy systems in indigenous out-station communities throughout Australia.  This program was highly successful. Bushlight systems have at least doubled the average lifetime of systems in indigenous communities and almost all are functioning effectively today.’



Tindo Solar is an all-Australian solar panel manufacturer based in Adelaide.

They are known for producing a high quality product and hand-selecting installers, such as Brightstar Energy, who align with their exceptional standards and ethics.

Brightstar Energy chooses to partner with Tindo because they have community engagement at their heart as well as a world-class product. They design for longevity in Australian conditions, have uncompromising standards, use the best materials and provide excellent support.


Founded in 1964 by the Scott family, Selectronic has succeeded by focusing on customers’ needs and is now one of the largest off grid inverter manufacturers in the world. These inverters allow you to intelligently manage and store excess energy generated from a renewable source such as solar panels.

‘The Germans invented this technology – Selectronic perfected it.’

Selectronic exports to countries all over the globe including Germany, which is generally regarded as manufacturing the best solar equipment.

Brightstar Energy chooses to partner with Selectronic as they produce the most functional and reliable inverters, in use in extreme and remote areas from outback Australia, to the tropics of Indonesia and the mountains of the Himalayas. The Brightstar team are proud to be endorsed as Selectronic Accredited Integrators.


World leading manufacturer of micro-inverters, Enphase is leading the charge to bring smart, connected solar energy to every home, business and community. Their micro-inverters have exceptional heat, moisture and dust resistance, as well as integrated earthing. Enphase has shipped approximately 10.3 million micro-inverters, and over 430,000 Enphase residential and commercial systems have been deployed in more than 100 countries.

Brightstar Energy chooses to partner with Enphase for their outstanding performance as well as their safety, simplicity and reliability. Brightstar is proud to be a strategic partner for Enphase as their future-centric approach is advancing the worldwide potential of renewable energy.